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Patient Testimonials:

Mike M.

November 2011


I met Dr. Jason following a 50 mile endurance race in Marin County, CA. I had been dealing with significant hip and low back pain after running and while standing at work for 15 years. After the race I was in a lot of pain and Dr. Jason performed and exam and performed a treatment that day. I was informed to ice my back following the treatment before going to bed that night and I was shocked when I returned to work on Monday and it didn't hurt to stand at all. I had received short moments of no pain in the past after other treatments like physical therapy and massage therapy but it always returned after 2 to 3 days. This time it didn't and it wasn't until 3 weeks later that I really noticed how good I felt and the most shocking part was that my coworkers said I was a completely different person with a much better temper and more cheerful. I fully attribute this to the added stress that the pain used to put on my mind and body and now I am willing to travel 2 hours to get treatment from Dr. Jason for my back pain.


Julie K.

July, 2013


I came to see Dr. Jason after I lost my insurance and I wasn't sure that I could afford care to get myself better. After my exam he did the most thorough explanation of what was going on in my body causing my pain and he designed a treatment plan just for me that I could afford. I started to feel better after just a few treatments but I knew from his explanation that I also needed to strengthen around my spine to be sure that my pain doesn't come back. I started the exercises and traction that he suggested for me at home and followed through with his entire treatment plan. I couldn't be happier with my outcomes and I have since sent in my son and our neighbor for care from Dr. Jason.

Payment Policies and Insurance

All of the decisions that we have made about our practice have been designed to keep costs as low as we possibly can for as many patients as possible. Our goal is always to provide the best possible care for all of our patients in Greenwood whether you are 3 days old or 97 years old.


As a result of this everyone's care is different and it is necessary for us to start care with a very thorough exam to determine what course of care is best for you. For this initial exam please plan on spending around an hour at the office so that we can perform a full history, exam and initial treatment. Subsequent appointments will be around 15 minutes for treatment. Call us today at 206-486-6451 to schedule your exam or check our available schedule on the contact page.




Non-Medicare Health Insurance - We are now in network with most insurance companies but there are still a few plans that we are not in-network with. The best way to know for sure is to call the customer service number on the back of your card to determine network status.

If your employer offers a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, it works just like any other credit card or debit card in our office and the "Superbill" that we provide will also be used to validate your purchase as being made in a health setting.

Medicare: We will always accept all Medicare patients but we are defined as a "Non-Participating Provider". What this means is that we will take all payments at Medicare rates at the time of service and then we will send in your claim to Medicare for you. If you are due a reimbursement for the care done in the office Medicare will send you a check directly to cover your care. Medicare has very specific guidelines on what kind of chiropractic care they cover and all of this will be discussed during your first visit.


If you have any questions about our policies please give us a call at 206-486-6451.



Our Family Practice Philosophy


We are a married couple of chiropractors in the Greenwood Neighborhood of Seattle, WA that just started our own family and it has been through chiropractic care that our lives were significantly improved and altered. Due to the significant effect that chiropractic has had on our lives we have made every effort to keep our costs down and make chiropractic care available to everyone.


Our approach to healthcare is very simple: Your body has the ability to heal itself and it is our job to remove all of the interferences so that your body can take care of itself.


Healthcare should always be about informed decisions made by the patient with the assistance of the doctor. Because of this you will always be in control of your care. In other words you are the boss and we as doctors are here to be your advisors in making the best decisions for your health. No matter what decision you make with your health we will always back you up and support your choices.

About Us

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